Our Story

Inspired by nature, our founder, William Layton, has spent over 10 years developing a revolutionary growing system for controlled environments.  We call this closer-to-nature system AgriaTM.

Our Aspirations

To change the world with truly organic, sustainable agriculture by combining wisdom from nature with cutting-edge research and tech.


Provide a scalable, sustainable, truly organic AgTech growing system that allows each person to get the freshest, organic crops close to where they live

Use the least water, & have no artificial chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO to produce high-quality flavor-packed crops 

Create a sustainable, environmental and climate friendly growing system with food safety as an integral part

Supply farmers with a reliable growing system that delivers predictable results

Give investors an attractive investment opportunity to scale growing ventures with attractive returns



William Layton

It started as a hobby with growing giant pumpkins, and in 2005 I won the state record in Virginia at 1138 lbs, beating the prior record by 358 lbs.  Over the past decade I developed a revolutionary close-to-nature organic farming system which I believe has potential to change the world.

The Team

Brittany Gallahan

Jay Kapur

Daniel Avila

Kaylee Matherly

Martin Ford

Savar Sareen

Emily Hastings

Tom Killiam

Bill Sareen

Nar Koppula

Mike Ford

Mike Schroeder