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Many challenges face the world we live in today, but  Health, Hunger, & Sustainability are among the most critical.  Controlled environment agriculture has the potential to solve them all.

The AgriaTM Farming System

Beyond Organic

Grown with ZERO Artificial:
Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, or GMO.

Increase Yields &
Lower Costs

Our growing systems are optimized for performance and make your farm profitable.

Sustainble Design

A focus on local production and resource efficiency lets us provide safe & healthy food for our future

strawberries in 2 containers

Urban Farming

Grow in any region, close to large communities to reduce transportation.

Water Saving

As little as 5% water usage compared to conventional farming methods.

Food Safety

The growing system incorporates food safety as an integral element. 

Nutrient Dense

Produce from our system is harvested for peak freshness & nutrition.  Healthy food for all, plus extended shelf life.

Flavor Packed

Leading restaurants and consumers agree they have difficulty sourcing produce as vibrant & flavorful. 

Our Roots

Founder, William Layton, affectionately called the ‘mountain-man’, spent 10 years in the hills of rural Virginia developing a unique, proprietary growing system that mimics nature, without artificial chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO. This system is enhanced with modern environmental controls, and advanced sensor and IoT technologies.

This has allowed the development of the Agria™ system which is customizable to multiple environments, making it attractive for investors to scale growing operations that produce high quality, truly organic, flavor-packed crops.

giant pumpkin william

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